Be rich in good works…  be generous and ready to share.

Be rich in good works… be generous and ready to share.

(1 Timothy 6:18)

As your trusted guide on your journey to financial freedom, one important area we stress with our clients is the need for all of us to enjoy a healthy relationship with money. As Christians, we stress the importance of the belief that God owns it all, and that every spending decision is a spiritual decision. We are blessed financially to be a blessing to others. Living lives characterized by radical generosity is both honoring God and showing our love for one another.

Making a Difference

Our lives are transformed by the power of God, and all our relationships improve as we grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord. We believe that as the Lord loves and blesses us, we are called to love others in His Name, and to serve others generously. How can YOU make a difference? We can help you discover ways to share your time and talents and treasure to positively impact the world.

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Recent Trip with Habitat for Humanity

In October 2018 we went to John’s Village Malawi.

Photo Credit: Bill Feus.