Financial Planning From a Christian Perspective

Financial Planning From a Christian Perspective

You are a single person who has built up a savings account and you are wondering, “what should I do next?” Or you are recently married, planning on starting a family, and recognize that you need guidance on how to meet your current and future financial goals. Or you are the pastor of a church and need to establish a retirement plan, or are looking for professional guidance on how to manage your congregation’s endowment? Transitioning from one job to another? Looking at retirement in a few years? We can help!

Gray Rock Financial Planning & Consulting

How We Help

We recognize that everyone has different, unique financial needs and goals. We will work with you to discover and articulate your unique situation, your vision for your future, and how a financial plan can serve as a roadmap to a glorious future.

We Offer

  • Retirement planning services
  • College Education planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • Retirement income distribution management
  • Investment management
Gray Rock Financial Planning & Consulting

As fee-only fiduciary financial advisors we offer comprehensive financial planning services for a fee to our clients. These plans are the primary drivers of our investment recommendations. But there are some situations where a client only requires our professional investment management services. We utilize a low-cost investing approach without sacrificing outstanding investment returns, and offer our ongoing financial planning services at a very reasonable cost.


Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning

We offer our clients ongoing comprehensive financial planning to our clients. We begin with cash flow analysis, insurance analysis, a review of current investments, sources of income, and other important components of your current financial situation. We also work with you to determine your financial needs, goals, and objectives. A fee is charged for ongoing comprehensive planning, based on complexity and the needs of our clients.

Investment Management

We also provide investment management services to our clients. A fee based on the value of the assets is charged for investment management services. Working with our clients we determine an appropriate asset allocation based on the clients risk tolerance, time horizon, short- and long-term financial needs and goals. Utilizing client questionnaires an Investment Policy Statement will be created to guide the selection of appropriate investments to meet your stated needs, goals, and values.

Educational Seminars

From time-to-time we offer educational workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. Opportunities abound for our clients to increase their knowledge of financial management and investing, and topics include college planning, retirement income planning, the theology of money, and many other topics. Visit the “Events” tab for more information.

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